My name is Robert Combier, and it is my pleasure to present to you a sampling of my photographic work. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and provide coverage of events and weddings in the Atlanta area. I also shoot portraits and fashion/modeling. If you are interested in my services, please contact me for more information.

About Me

I am an Aerospace PhD student at Georgia Tech. Thanks to my wonderful family, friends, and mentors, I have the sanity to continue my formal education beyond a bachelor's degree.

I believe life is about balance, so photography is my soft escape from the gloomy world of numbers and exams. Currently I am a Photo Editor of the South's "Liveliest" university newspaper, the Technique (www.nique.net) which does wonders in keeping my photography skills sharp and my world view positive.

I began photography in middle school and quickly realized it was for me. My first real camera was an Olympus point and shoot that I bought before puberty. Soon after I wanted more control and in 1996 I bought a Yashica FX-D SLR and delved into the art of composition, development, and post-processing with computers. It wasn't until sophomore year at Georgia Tech did I finally get a DSLR: the revolutionary Canon D30. 3.3 megapixel and one hell of a selection of lenses. Ladies and gentlemen, the moon has crashed into the sun, the oceans have evaporated, and the earth is no longer spinning. It was glorious.

I shoot with slightly newer cameras now: a good 'ol Canon 1D and a Canon 5D. They are the cameras God would use if he wanted to take pictures of a supernova. There is pretty much nothing faster, cooler, or more spine chilling then holding one of these bad boys in your hands.