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Believe it or not, one of my favorite places in the world is the airport. Not for the airplanes, or the anticipation of takeoff, or the hurry, or even the destination... but rather because it is commonplace for the purest human joy. Ever been waiting for your loved one to come out of "Concourse T" and seen a family reunited in front of you? All of the world's problems fade away, all of the petty differences subside, and nothing else matters except the satsfaction of being together again.

I find this same emotion at weddings. Distant friends and family are reunited to celebrate the beginning of a new family. I really like to watch for the little clues that show just how much everybody is enjoying being together... its almost like a game. Whether it is hidden in the moments, the meticulous decorations, or the mysterious smiles, I absolutely love to find it and stash it away to think about later.

I believe that photography is a means and not an end to hold on to these artifacts of the human experience. While I love tinkering with equipment and techniques, the real Mccoy is walking away with a shot that takes you right back, tells a story, and connects you to what it was like in an honest and simple way.

My style tends towards photojournalism because it is often the best way to tell the story. It is the meat and potatoes. At the same time, I do believe that the client should get the photos they have had in their dreams, so I am not exclusive in what I shoot.

I take what I do very seriously because it is so very meaningful, both to me and to the client. I invite you to look through my shots and see if you can connect with what I was trying to capture.

-Robert Combier


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